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Lash Tinting :
(darken your lashes, making them appear naturally thicker and longer)

Brow Tinting:
(consider brow tinting to define your arc and create depth and shape with your eyebrows)

Henna Brows

Henna Brows Tinting is a perfect alternative to traditional brow tinting, using no ammonia & hydrogen peroxide in order to process the colour. Henna is 99% natural colour suitable for all kinds of hair.

Colours last on hair for up to 4 weeks and on skin for up to 1 week or more depending on the condition of the skin and how well the brows are cared for after the treatment. Stain in the skin from henna varies for every client.

Hanna Brows: $35

Henna Brows & Wax: $50

Lash Lift

Forget your lash curler and messy mascara. With our lash lift treatment we literally lift your lashes at the roots, elevating them towards your brows line creating beautifully curled natural lashes and this will last for up to 6-8 weeks.

Lift and curl lashes to make eyes look brighter and more glamorous even when not wearing mascara. Pair with Lash Tinting for ultimate Pop !

Lash Lift: $75

Lash lift & Tint: $90